About Father



Rev Fr.(Dr.) Hyacinth Singarayar David Born 28th June 1907- Died 1st June 1981 Ordained a priest on 21 December 1931 Primary & Secondary Education 1913- 1924 St. Patrick's College Jaffna Passed London Matriculation Examination B.A. Hons. History 1st Class University of London (as an external student from the university of Colombo ) 1936- Joined the teaching staff at St. Patrick's College and served for twenty five years with a break from 1947- 1951 - He went to India and Europe and obtained his Masters degree in Indo Aryan Languages and his Doctorate for his research in Linguistics He knew thirty three languages*2

European Languages - at age.

English 6
Latin 10
French 14
Greek 24
German 33
Dutch 36
Lithuanian 41
Spanish 42
Portuguese 43
Italian 44
Danish 44
Norwegian 44
Swedish 44
Russian 67

Indo-Asiatic Dravid-Aryan (Ardra)

Tamil 5
Sinhalese 18
Sanskrit 29
Vedic 31
Hindi 33
Kannada 40
Pali 40
Prakrit 41
Avestan 41
Telugu 43
Malayalam 44
Brahui 60
Tulu 62
Kui 62

Semitic and other languages- at age

Hebrew 53
Malay 58
Assyrian 61
Arabic 63
Sumerian 61


After his retirement he intensified his research in Linguistics continuing the works of Rev. Fr. Gnanpragasam of Nallur who had started the Tamil Lexicon. His publishing was on Etymological and Comparative Lexicon of the Tamil Language. He published the first Lexicon in 1970 and had published six volumes before his sudden demise in1981.