Our Objectives

1) The Trust is founded on the principle of serving Humanity in the advancement of intellectual especially in pursuance of the motto of Rev Fr (Dr) H S David, 'Reaching the Unreached'.

(i) The general objective of the Trust is helping those pursue research activities, relief to Underprivileged & Disadvantaged children, promotion of linguistic studies and culture, other related studies, assist recreation like Tennis, Social Upliftment activities, or any other related purpose beneficial to the people at large:

a. To diffuse useful knowledge in languages, culture, arts, scientific research, and promotion of literature, history, and allied subjects.
b. To promote, encourage linguistic studies and researches by students.
c. To take such action as may be necessary to co-ordinate activities of the Society with other Societies and organizations with similar objects.
d. To assist, subscribe, co-operate with or affiliate with any other Society, institutions as aforesaid for fulfillment of its objects.
e. To provide research facilities and other amenities to children disabled and infirm persons, the destitute and the orphans (in memory of Fr David's desire).
d. To acquire movable or immovable properties on behalf of the Society and sell, lease, exchange, dispose of or otherwise deal with.

(ii) In order to achieve its above objects the Trust is hereby authorized

a. To accept, procure subscriptions, donations or other contributions.
b. To own property of the Board of Trustees for attaining the objectives of the Society.
c. To enter into any business as the Board of Trustees may think necessary in the interest of the Foundation without contravening the provisions and its objectives.
d. And generally to do all such things as may be incidental or conducive for attainment of the objects of the Foundation or any of them

iii) Promotion of Education and other related matters:

a. Grant of scholarships, fellowships and awards for on education, and in its disciplines amongst deserving students and majors without any discretion.
b. Establishment and maintenance of institutions, imparting education;
c. To establish, maintain and support libraries, museums and reading rooms for advancement of knowledge as mentioned above in particular;
d. To conduct, hold, organize, seminars, conferences, talks, lectures by eminent personalities on topics of above mentioned particular interest and use;

2) The objective of this trust shall be to secure manage and to provide funds to assist the authorities:

a. The above said nucleus of the trust fund and all sums of monies and assets (both moveable and immovable) herein after given bequeathed or otherwise received or obtained from time to time by the trust and all investments of the trust and all incomes arising there from shall form part of the trust fund
b. the trustees shall possess and hold the nucleus of this trust fund viz Rupees fifty thousand and any and monies and all assets that are donated to or acquired by the trust hereafter
c. the trust fund shall be allocated to the following three purposes and shall be banked and accounted separately under these three headings

i) Fund for normal activities at the Foundation
ii) Fund for advancement and additional facilities at the Foundation.
iii) Fund used for pursuing the objects of the Foundations.

d. If any donor requests (at the time of his donation) that his donation should be used specifically for any of the above purpose that request should be strictly adhered to If no specific request is made at time of donation the trustees shall allocate the donation or any part of it to any of the above purposes.

e. No part of the principal amount determine by the trustees kept in deposit as the Fund for normal activities and facilities at the Foundation may be withdrawn except on a decision of the Board of trustees the Trustees consenting to this decision.

f. The trust Fund shall be held in trust by the Trustees to be used in accordance with the provisions herein contained and subject to the provisions of the trust Ordinance Chapter 96.

Rev Fr (Dr) H S David Foundation Trust

Dr. T. Mukunthan   Mr. Gerard David   Prof. J.C.N. Rajendra
mukunthan   gerard   rajendra
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(UPM-Malaysia), PhD (Colombo)
Senior Lecturer
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CPhys MInstP (UK), M.I.P (SL), D.Phil. (Sussex)
Professor in Physics B.Sc. (Jaffna)
Maj Gen (Dr) H L David USP psc   Mr. S. Anthonymuthu   Dr. Ms. CCA Sivapalan
david   anthonymuthu   sivapalan
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    Mr. S Gunaratnam    
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